2017 Dignitaries Announced

We are proud to announce the dignitaries for our 2017 Shamrock Club of New Dublin year.

The Irish Man is Jerome O’Neil.  He has been with our organization for many years, has marched in the Parade with the O’Neil Clan and rumor has it he may be one of the Leprechauns.


The Irish Rose is Jill Hart.  She has been our Parade Director for over 20 years and does a wonderful job.  She has also served the Shamrock Club in the past as President and participates in all of our events and activities


Our Parade Marshals this year are Wally & Mickey Schmidt.  They are busy persons in the community and for several years have graciously opened their home to our dignitaries before the Parade for snacks and drinks.


The Parade Judges this year are Steve & Joan Malliet.  We welcome their input as long time members of our organization as well.


The 2017 Irish Lad and Lass were Kayden Kloehn and Erin O’Donoghue. They received this distinction for winning the Shamrock Club’s youth poetry contest.

Kloehn, son of Kaylene Kloehn, is a sixth-grader at New London Intermediate/Middle School. He wrote his poem in Kelly Keach’s language arts class. His poem centers on the mischief the New Dublin leprechauns create. Among his verses: “Changing up the town signs; Painting on the road lines; Making shenanigans all over town; Nobody knows how to calm them down.”

O’Donoghue, daughter of Tom and Amy O’Donoghue, is in Sam Van Alstine’s fourth-grade class at Lincoln Elementary. She wrote about the “New Dublin” traditions that include changing the sign and painting shamrocks on the streets. Her poem advised listeners: “St. Patrick’s Day is for everyone so make sure to have some fun.”

We would like you to congratulate and welcome them with us as our valued dignitaries for 2017. Thank you all for letting us honor you.

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